Liam Lum

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The Show:

Big Sexy Owl is an absurd journey into the dark and whimsical world of Liam Lum's weird brain. By channeling the strange, the odd, and the hilarious, Liam has meticulously crafted a solo sketch comedy show where he plays all the weird characters, sings all the silly songs, and takes you to places you've never been. Big Sexy Owl is absurd. Big Sexy Owl is disorienting. Big Sexy Owl is the stupidest show about Capitalism you'll ever see.

The Bio:

Liam Lum is an award winning sketch comedian from Toronto known for his seamless characters, absurd ideas, and off the wall comedy sketches. Heavily influenced by British Comedy, Liam has been compared to Monty Python, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, as well as Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall.

He has performed on the Toronto Sketchfest-Just for Laughs Character Showcase, he won Best Newcomer at the 2019 Sketch to the Death Comedy Competition, and last June his debut solo show The Rise and Fall of Dataman earned him glowing reviews with My Entertainment World calling him “a one-man Office Space”.

This tall and cerebral comedian will remind you of your well intentioned but misguided nephew who should spend more time playing sports instead of memorizing the Dungeons and Dragons player’s handbook.