Marcia sits in a grey sofa chair looking sceptically at offscreen. Marcia wears glasses, and wears a button shirt under a blazer.

Marcia sits in a grey sofa chair looking sceptically at offscreen. Marcia wears glasses, and wears a button shirt under a blazer.

Marcia the Self-Help Guru (ep. 4)

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Marcia the Self-Help Guru is a sketch comedy digital series created by Xander Copp and Samantha Wyss.

Sam Wyss plays Marcia Von Pepperstein, a self-proclaimed Self-Help Guru who hosts her own “live TV” digital series. Her guests come on the show hoping to address their personal problems and goals, but things rarely go in a traditional therapeutic direction.

In this sample episode, Marcia has a vapid Instagram influencer named Arinn on her show. The two women try to one-up each other and vie for the attention of the camera, putting their narcissistic personalities on full display.

Creative Bios:
Xander Copp
Director / Writer / Producer
Xander is an award-winning writer/director whose work ranges in tone from gritty thrillers to absurdist sketch comedy. Xander’s dramatic short film, The Burglar, starring Emmanuel Kabongo and Samora Smallwood, has had notable success at the Toronto Black Film Festival and the 53rd Annual Houston Worldfest. Marcia the Self-Help Guru is a return to comedy for Xander, and a collaborative venture with co-creator and star of the series, Samantha Wyss.

Samantha Wyss
Lead Actor (Marcia) / Writer / Producer
Samantha Wyss is a Canadian Comedy Award-nominated writer and comedian from Toronto. She has written for the Canadian Screen Awards with Sean Cullen and Out There With Melissa DiMarco on CityTV. Samantha has also starred in sketches for Buzzfeed and advertisements for Bud Light. Most recently, she acted in Code/Switch, a web-series that was rated #1 on AfrolandTV and hosts a monthly show, The Positivity Hour at Comedy Bar. Samantha is part of an improv team, Harrison Ford Focus, that performs internationally. She’s also a Pisces, like her cat.

Olivia Krys
Supporting Actor (Arinn)
Olivia Krys is a Toronto-based actress best-known for her roles in Cleaver Clowns
(2019), Hotel Paranormal (2020), and the upcoming Cry of Silence (2021). Her style of
nuanced, smart comedy has been recognized by the Toronto Monologue Slam
competition, as a finalist, and by the Artist2Artist Showcase. Olivia has trained at LB
Acting Studio and brings the discipline and curiosity she gained from her BSc at the
University of Toronto to her craft.

Bradley Cherry
Director of Photography / Producer
Bradley Cherry is a professional cinematographer based in Toronto, Canada, with over
15 years of production experience across independent, web, and nationally broadcast
content. Light, whether natural or designed, is his passion. Creative collaboration is the
backbone of his process, always working with his team to effectively tell satisfying and
emotionally impactful stories. He has the ability to craft beautiful cinematic images for
content no matter the scope, budget, or intended platform.