A man and woman look at each other lovingly while spooning in bed together."

A man and woman look at each other lovingly while spooning in bed together.

Period Sex by Cackle Comedy Productions

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A man (Cam Parkes) and woman (Hilary June Hart) lying in bed on a typical Tuesday night decide to get frisky with their favourite hobby. Silly, sexy, and full of puns, this couple is in the mood for some period sex.

Content Warning: Adult Situations

Creative Bio:

Hilary June Hart- Actor, Co-Producer
Hilary is the founder of Cackle Comedy Productions. Cackle Comedy won Audience Choice in the Great Canadian Sketch Comedy Film Festival in December 2020. Many of Toronto’s talented comedic actors, directors, and crew have been a part of Cackle Comedy’s 25 shorts between 2017-2020. Cackle Comedy is proud to have been selected for the Toronto Sketch Comedy Film Festival for three years in a row.

Cydney Penner – Director and Co-Producer
Cydney Penner is a Toronto based director, actor, and writer. She’s been a part of Cackle Comedy since the company’s first short “Fertility Nag Bot”. Cydney has also directed “Clear Aligners are for Everyone”, “Operation Sublet”, “Pizza’s Here”, “Essential Oils”, “Demon Board Game”, “Intervention”, “Pleasing the Printer”, and “Chili Ad”. Cydney has acted in the following T.V. series: The Boys, Canada: The Story of Us, 9 Days With Cambria, and Fear Thy Neighbour.

Becky Swannick – Videographer and Editor
Becky is a Videographer and Production Assistant working in the entertainment and communication industry. She achieved a BA with Honours in Film and Television Production. Becky is originally from the UK where she attended Film School where afterwards she moved to live and work in Melbourne, Australia for four years and is now permanently based in Toronto, Ontario. She helps assist within digital marketing, with a focus on videography and editing.