Smooth Comedy

Smooth Comedy

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The Show:

Smooth Comedy is a sub genre of a sub genre. Smooth comedy is what your clothes smell like when you forgot you put them in the laundry and they've just been sitting there for a few hours. The clothes smell awful, but you don't have any change to do another load, so you just put them in the dryer anyway. they kind of have a bad smell to them, but you know that you'll get used to it and you can wash them next week when you get more change. That's Smooth Comedy!

The Bio:

Smooth Comedy consists of two evil trolls named Darren & Kym. Together they create sketches that are heavily influenced by the sights and sounds of their trip to outlet malls in Buffalo, New York. The sketches consist of everything from mime, dance, to skipping rope. come on out and see what Darren’s mom calls “stupid non sense” they will come up with.