A yellow title card that reads "The Glove Box" with Chase Jeffels standing, facing the camera, in a cityscape by a car and Joel Jeffels packing the truck of the car.

A yellow title card that reads “The Glove Box” with Chase Jeffels standing, facing the camera, in a cityscape by a car and Joel Jeffels packing the truck of the car.

The Zounderkite: The Glove Box by The VoidVille Company

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Matthews Magical Mystery Tour is headed to East Side Elementary, but first, what’s inside the glove box? Well…not just gloves apparently.

This sketch is a leap into the ridiculous, nonsensical, and fantastical. The characters aren’t hiding anything. Though they are eccentric, they are honest; living in a world where you can never guess what might appear next. Is there sense to be made of this nonsense? Or can we just laugh at the absence of it? It’s outrageous, it’s uncomfortable, it’s bound to make you furrow your brow. What could be more fun?!

Content Warning: Adult Content

Creative Bio:
The VoidVille Company is a film / theatre / performance company based in comedy. It was founded by Chase Jeffels, an actor, creator, and comedian. Chase formed the company in 2020 after his time studying in France at Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, a school based in making creative theatre, as well as studying with the clown master himself: Philippe Gaulier (teacher of Sacha Baron Cohen, and Helena Bonham Carter). Though Chase comes primarily from theatre; after the pandemic hit he started creating comedy shorts on YouTube under the name The Zounderkite (an old victorian era curse word meaning: a complete idiot who constantly makes clumsy and awkward mistakes.) He is very excited to begin his journey with film, but is itching to get back on the stage when the world allows it.

Mike Ricci is a Toronto-born classically trained actor with Iraqi, Israeli, Irish, English and Danish roots. Not Italian. Surprising right? His dad changed his name in the late 80’s. It’s a great story, maybe he will tell you sometime. Mike is an award-winning Filmmaker with a love for music composition and has also shot multiple music videos and sketches. More recently he is experimenting with writing and 35mm film photography.

Joel Jeffels is an intermediate self-taught actor hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. Having always had a keen interest in the arts, Joel is ecstatic to begin this journey with such talented individuals. He has a background in music and engineering.